• Green and forested area 

  • Active town of Chatillon-sur-Seine.

  • Border Burgundy Champagne wines

  • National Park de forêts

  • Trésor de Vix, roman tresure

  • interesting house prices

Chatillonnais information

The North Cote d'Or is located in the North of Burgundy, not far from Langres. It is a region full of nature and beautiful towns. It is easy to reach as is is only 2 hours from Paris.

Châtillon sur Seine

The river Seine has only just got going along its path to Paris when it reaches Châtillon, from its source south of Baigneux-le-Juifs. Running right through the centre of the town, the church of St-Vorles and the remains of the castle on the hillside make for a majestic backdrop. Little is left of the old Châtillon – it was largely rebuilt after the terrible ravages of the two world wars, but you can get the essence of its past by taking a route past the museum, through the Quartier St-Vorles to the Source of the Douix, a glorious picnic spot minutes from the centre of town.

Crémant de Bourgogne

Being so close to the Champagne region, the soil to the north of the town provides excellent conditions for sparkling wine, made in the Champagne method and based around the villages of Belan-sur-Ource, Chaumont-le-Bois, Charrey-sur-Seine, Massingy and Molesmes. This is Crémant de Bourgogne. It may not have the prestigious label, but the product is excellent and much kinder on the wallet. Each year on the third weekend of March, the Fête du Crémant is celebrated in Châtillon to much fanfare.

South of Châtillon

Forest alternates with agricultural land in this area of great natural beauty, the Châtillonais. The gently undulating areas around the town of Laignes, Aigny-le-Duc and Baigneux-les-Juifs are given to cereal production, interspersed with cattle, and there is a long tradition of sheep rearing for wool and meat too.

Into the heart of the Châtillonnais

Here in this country environment, the artisans are still at work making honey and mead and grinding the flour in the traditional way at Moulin Maurice. The chickens and ducks are free range and the vegetables taste as vegetables should from the markets of Châtillon, Laignes and Recey-sur-Ource. With so much open countryside, ponds, rivers and lakes, the area is a haven for nature lovers and country pursuits, particularly fishing, walking, riding and hunting. The area around Recey-sur-Ource has marshlands with interesting flora and fauna to discover.

Crossing Borders

Gentle and calm, unpolluted and uncrowded the Châtillonais can provide a good quality of life. And, when you need a break, cross borders to the very different feel of the Champagne region and Troyes, and journey to other European countries; Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg which are all within easy driving distance.

North Burgundy for you?

The Châtillonnais area is relatively undiscovered; offering very attractive prices for those seeking an active retirement, or a easy-to -reach second home. It offers historic and medieval towns and villages, associated with nature. Endless unspoilt forests and fast running rivers provide an ideal location for walking, fishing, cycling and hunting whilst some of Burgundy’s finest, yet lesser well-known, Châteaux provide the perfect back drop to a picture postcard landscape. The area benefits from its proximity and numerous access points to the auto network making it ideal for property owners travelling from the Benelux, Paris and the UK.