Rhone Alps Information

  • Lyon the third largest city in France, with its international airport

  • Annecy, the quaint village on the lake

  • Grenoble, the French Silicon Valley

  • Ski Alps such as Chamonix and Megeve

Why buying a property in Rhone Alps region
The Rhône-Alpes region offers the best of both worlds: it is mountainous and yet close to the Mediterranean Sea. Dynamic and prosperous with Lyon at the forefront, the region benefits from a dense road and rail network, and several airports providing fast transport which has helped the development of many industries while preserving a rich cultural heritage.

Lyon is a great place to live. At the crossroads of the Saône and the Rhône, it offers beautiful walks along the quays or along the water. In the old town, from the Croix-Rousse to the Presqu'île, the former capital of Gaul is rich in architecture: its Gallo-Roman sites, its Romanesque and Gothic churches and its famous traboules. The city has many museums, including the Musée des Lumières. About lights, the Lyonnais people celebrate it on the first weekend of December, when all the inhabitants of the city display candles in their windows and balconies to illuminate the city.
France's third largest city is also known for its gastronomy with many typical restaurants called 'Bouchons'. Traditional cooking restaurants where you can enjoy quenelles lyonnaises or cervelle de canut, a delicious white cheese with herbs.

The Beaujolais region north of Lyon is renowned for its fruity wines with a strong terroir. The famous Beaujolais nouveau has its followers. This wine is the result of the last harvest, just out of the vats. It represents only a tiny part of the production. The largest part will be aged in barrels to give it all its nobility.

The Rhône-Alpes region has a lot to offer. There are many outdoor activities to discover in a preserved wilderness. The region has many regional and national nature parks. The best-known regional parks are the Monts d'Ardèche, the Vercors and the Massif des Bauges, and La Vanoise and Les Écrins for the national parks in the Alps.
A little further north, the Dombes is also known as the land of a thousand ponds. It is an ideal place for fishing, hiking and birdwatching enthusiasts. South of Lyon, in the Gorges de l'Ardèche is the area to practice thrilling leisure activities like canyoning, kayaking or climbing.

History has an important place in this region, from the formation of the volcanoes to the organisation of the resistance during the second world war, via prehistory, antiquity, medieval ages, the industrial revolution, etc. The history has shaped the landscape, the people who live there and human architecture over time... There is something for everyone to enjoy and/or discover.

The Alps, which form the eastern part of the region, are obviously known for their ski resorts. But they are also great as summer resort with beautiful hiking trails especially in the natural parks of the massif.

Grenoble is a city with a proven track record of transformation and commitment to environmentally friendly urbanisation. This dynamic and prosperous city is increasingly valued for its quality of life, just a stone's throw from the ski slopes. Its neighbour to the north, Annecy, is highly regarded for its famous lake and its cultural wealth.

Whether you want to live here all year round or as a second home with rental investment potential, the Rhône-Alpes is a great place to live.